Q: In what areas are your services available?
Our company is expanding, currently we are serving these

counties: Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson,

Montgomery and much more.

 Q: Who needs in-home care?
People who need additional help with their activities of daily living 

and want to stay at home rather than be institutionalized or

live with relatives. People whose family caregivers need

respite or time off from their caregiving responsibilities.

 Q: How much does the service cost?
We bill on an hourly basis most of the time. The hours required to properly care for your loved one will be determined on the initial assessment interview and reviewed on an ongoing basis. Cost will vary depending on the level of care. For more details  on our pricing, contact us 615-578-5502.

 Q: Are your services covered by Medicare?
Our services cover Medicaid, and other types of insurance. We can work in conjunction with your medicare provider to ensure your loved one is receiving the appropriate amount of care and we also accept your personal insurance. Private pay clients are also welcome. We offer a variety of payment options for clients without insurance. We will work with any budget.

 Q: How does in-home care compare to assisted-living or nursing home?

Most of the time, our services will cost less than those of assisted-living facilities or nursing homes. We can tailor a customize a schedule to meet the needs of our clients so that you are only paying for what you need. Being in the comfort of your own home instead of a facility, has many other good points like faster healing, less infections, better coping with pain and much more.

 Q: Do you provide care in facilities also?
Yes. We provide our caregivers to attend to your loved one in hospital, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, long term rehabilitation facilities and some other places. Please contact us for details. 

 Q: Is your agency licensed?
Yes. We are licensed to provide non medical care to individuals of all level of areas. 

 Q: How do you select your caregivers?
All of our caregivers are carefully interviewed and screened prior to becoming employees of Mighty Hearts Home Care. Please see our caregiver page for more detailed information.

 Q: What if my caregiver goes on vacation?

We have a continuous supply of excellent caregivers that are ready on a moment's notice in case of sickness vacation, or emergency. We certainly receive advanced notice of any vacation requests, so that is not usually an issue.

 Q: Can I meet the caregiver in advance?
Most certainly. Part of our commitment is to match the right caregiver with the personality of your loved one. It is important that the caregiver and client work well together because this will promote a more positive outcome for the client.

 Q: Who pays the caregiver and how do they get paid?

All of our caregivers are employees of Mighty Hearts. We simply invoice you for the services rendered and we take care of paying the caregivers, along with taxes, insurance, benefits and other administrative requirements.

Exceptional Care       From the Heart. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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